Johan Anderson från Strängnäs
Stålkofta (1646 -Swedish)
Staulcop (1656-Dutch)
Stalcop, Stallcop (1664- Eng)
Stallcup (1838-Am)
Stalcup (1890-Am)
Larry Spencer Stallcup

Group Lineages
Family History




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CONTENTS – An index of the material appearing on the site.

GROUP LINEAGES - Charts and stories. Oldest to present by phases/generations.

New Sweden Colony Phase

1- Johan Andersson från Strängnäs alias Stålkofta/Stalcop"
2A- Andrew Stalcop
2B- John Stalcop
2C- Pietter Stallcop
3- John Stalcop
4- Peter Stalcop
5- William Stalcop

North Carolina Phase

6- Peter Stalcop
7- William Stalcop/Stallcup
8A- William H. Jr. Stallcup
8B- Jesse Richardson “Hyatt” Stallcup/Stalcup
8C- John Stallcup
8D- Peter Shadrack “Shade” Stalcup
8E- Jason C. Stalcup
8F- Benjamin Harvey “B Harvey” Stalcup
8G- Thomas Bellew Stalcup
8H- Seth Lafayette “Fate” Stalcup
9- Lucius Harvey Stallcup
10A- Coleman Hill Stallcup
10B- Neccessa Callie Stallcup
10C- Mary Jane Stallcup
10D- Charlie Stallcup
10E- Seth Lucius “Coot” Stallcup
10F- Jesse W, John Fanzo, & Lidge (Lide) Stallcup
10G- Stacy Arizonia “Bean” Stallcup

The Scatter Phase

11A- Lucius Harvey (2nd) Stallcup
11B- Frank Grayburn Stallcup
11C- E B Stallcup
11D- John Fanzo Stallcup Family
12- Lucius Harvey Stallcup (2nd) Family

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FAMILY HISTORY – Background stories and accounts.
(Will be under construction for some time to come)

Family Background

The men, before recorded history, behind the New Sweden Colony.
Brief History of the New Sweden Colony in America.
Hazards of 17th Century travel. The fate of the Cat.
Of money and pay systems.
Patronymic naming system.
Busted Myths
     The Seacook Myth
     Parents of Johan Andersson
     The Gold laced Uniform
     Heraldry Myth
     The Daughter that Never Was
Novel Discovery
How Many Stalcops
What is normal.
Tragic Stalcops
     Edward Stalcop
     A Grim Wedding
     Charles Stallcup
     Virgil Stalcup
     Stuart Stalcup
     Stalcup Vs Stalcup Slander Case
     Spy for the FBI
     Jesse Stalcup - Fell off Wagon
     Suicide by Police
     Pro Baseball Player

The New Sweden Section

Close Call
The Dutch Invasion Fleet/ Dutch Capture . . .
     Commentary on A RUSE DE GUERRE Article.
     Affidavid 1
     Affidavid 2
     Court Martial Hearing Record
     Swen Skute’s Letter to Chancellor of Sweden.
A Quick Change of Flags
Swedish Flag
Another Close Call
Still another Close Call
Buying Land
Stone for Feathers Testimony
     NYHM Document 21:49
     NYHM Document 21:50
The Rebellion of the Long Finn
     Gov. Lovelace Long Finn Letter to Captain John Carr
     British Council Directions to Captain John Carr about Long Finn case.
The Stolen Bonnet
Friends and Neighbors
    Swen Skute – Captain of the Militia
    Timon Stiddem- Barber-Surgeon living on the north.
    Foppen Jansen Outhout – The Dutch Inn keeper
    Samuel Peterson – Freeman living on the south.
    Garritt Van Sweringen – The Dutch Sheriff
Christina Stalcop’s Funeral
Stalcop Cup and Curious Cousin

The North Carolina Section

A Good Thrashing

The Scatter Phase - the family disperses

Flags that have flown over the Stalcop Family



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