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E-Packets, Printed Packets
& DVDs for Sale

The packets are available either as an E-Packet or as a Printed Packet. I will send
them to your email address or mail them to your home address.  They will
include color prints, lists of supplies, directions and patterns.

Sorry there is no return/no refund on these items.
Email us for Canadian & European Shipping Amounts.

No Shipping for E-Packets,
Shipping is $2 per Printed Packet,
Shopping Cart Will Be Adjusted Correctly.

Hydrangea Beauty
(Pattern Packet Only)

I love to paint Hydrangeas... they bloom early in the spring and stay until fall. 
Their colors change throughout the whole season from white to purple to blue
 to gray green with tints of mauve.  And they dry beautifully.

This packet contains lots of pages, three color worksheets, pattern for two box
tops and all sides. (Sorry to large to email).


Flying Canada Geese

Such a peaceful scene!  Its painted on canvas but it works on any sufae you may have.



Pomegranates & Geraniums

This is a colorful chalkboard to add to your kitchen or workroom.  Hang on the wall
or prop on an easel for easy access to jot a note. 
Pattern contains directions, pattern and pomegranate worksheet.




Have fun painting this charming mermaid.  Change her hair color to suit a special person
in your life and sparkle her with glitter and jewels. 
Painted on a piece of scrap lumber measuring 7" x 16".

Christmas Chalkboard

This Christmas Chalkboard is a fun quick holiday project.  Great any size, just
paint a scrap board with DecoArt Chalkboard Paint and turn it into a little
gift or brighten a spot in your own kitchen.


Angel Trumpets

Angel Trumpets are beautiful on a tray, tote bag, or step stool. 
Fun and easy to paint!

Fall Sign Board

Great colorful signboard to display for the fall with a pumpkin, green apples, and
dried corn with a boarder of squishy leave and berries. 
This is also looks great painted on a tray


Seen Better Days

This is a soft beach scene with gentle waves, an old boat and sand dunes.  I have
painted it on an 18” x 18” Stretched Canvas but can easily be adapted to other
sizes of canvas or other surfaces. 


Summer Garden

It is fun to paint summer flowers on this basket lid.  I have painted Queen Ann’s Lace,
Black Eyed Susans, Cone Flowers, and White Daisies as well as some filler flowers and grasses.  This could also we painted any size and on any surface. 


Flower Shoppe

This is a 12” x 16” canvas with a crock of pink rose buds, basket of white daisies, and
pot of purple, blue and pink stock.  I have also included a photo of the same
design painted on a round clock.



This old southern favorite is painted on a fabric tote bag and on a canvas with black
background.  These are wonderful leaves to paint and then I painted in the Magnolia
flower with a cream color and glazed in wonderful tints of lavender and blue.



These are fun little pumpkins to paint for fall gift bags, chalkboards, and a tote bag.  Fun
project for quick decorative presents.  Great hostess and teacher gifts.

Painting by the Sea

This is a great guide to painting my basic beach scenes.  It teaches clouds, water, simple waves,
sand dunes and sea grasses. 

Approx.  60 minutes
Acrylics - All Skill Levels
Includes written instructions to
guide you.

Garden Mailbox DVD

Watch Ros paint her signature flowers
as she decorates an easy-to-find metal mailbox. 
 She'll teach you how to mask off certain parts of your
design as well as how to distant foliage and flowers, grasses, delphiniums, tulips, daffodils,
daisies and roses. 

Approx.  60 minutes
Acrylics - All Skill Levels
Includes written instructions to
guide you.

Signs of Summer DVD

Ros takes you step-by-step through
her painting techniques to create this beautiful floral welcome sign.  Her detailed written instructions guide you through each portion of the
design from what type of brush to
use to how many strokes to use
and where to start each stroke. 

Approx.  60 minutes
Acrylics - All Skills Level
Includes patterns.

Recipe for Strawberries DVD

 Long awaited and just in time for
spring and all those wonderful strawberry recipes.

Approx.  30 minutes
Acrylics - All Skills Level
Includes patterns.

Rose & Hydrangea Tissue
Box DVD  

Ros shows you how to paint her style
of delicate roses and hydrangeas on a tissue box
with simple squishy leaves and beautiful satin ribbon. 

Approx.  30 minutes
Acrylics - All Skills Level
Includes patterns.

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