Johan Anderson från Strängnäs
Stålkofta (1646 -Swedish)
Staulcop (1656-Dutch)
Stalcop, Stallcop (1664- Eng)
Stallcup (1838-Am)
Stalcup (1890-Am)
Larry Spencer Stallcup

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Group Lineages

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The Signet Mark of Second Generation
Pietter Stallcop


The use of a signet mark did not mean that Pietter could not read and write. The widespread use of signet marks was more or less a necessity because of the patronymic naming system. There could be a large number of people in the community with exactly the same name so the marks provided identification of a particular individual. In the patronymic system Pietter and his brothers would be “Johansson’s” or the “sons of Johan”. Johan was the most numerous given name in Sweden so there were lots of Johansson’s, most of which were completely unrelated to each other. Pietter choose a reversed recumbent “P” for his mark.

After William Penn arrived the New Sweden settlers were required to adopt a family surname in the English manner. Most chose Stalcop. Pietter elected to spell it Stallcop. About 1840 the Stalcop spelling evolved into mostly Stallcup and then about 1900 in the NC branch into Stalcup. Today Stallcup and Stalcup comprise about 40% each of the overall family spellings.


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