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New techniques often cast new perspectives on old information. Archaeological excavations at Avery´s Rest in southern Delaware have given new information about the migration of people from Europe to America. In Sweden new archaeological finds are now bringing to light new information about the beginnings of the Swedish nation. 

It has earlier been considered that the creators of the Swedish state were the local leaders in Uppsala. During the 500’s they began to build a nation which approximately covered most of that part of Sweden called Svealand (land of the Swedes). After Christianity became widespread Uppsala in the 1100’s received the residence of the archbishop of Sweden. By then the kings in Uppsala had gained control also overmost of the southern part of present Sweden called Götaland (land of the Goths) and established the kingdom Sverige (Svea kingdom) as a union between those two parts. It later expanded into the northern part of present Sweden called Lappland (land of the Lapps – an old name for the Sami people), plus Finland (land of the Finns) and later also Estonia and several other territories.

During the last several years archaeologists have found the rest of a forgotten town in Varnhem in Götaland .  It seems that Varnhem was developed earlier and was not less important than Uppsala. There are finds showing good contacts with England and the European continent during the Viking period and the ruins of a big monastery indicating that Varnhem became an important Christian place earlier than Uppsala.

Perhaps DNA tests and other test in time will show some additional links between Varnhem and New Sweden. Most emigrants to News Sweden came from the area west of Varnhem and close to the harbour at present Göteborg (Goth fort) which the traders in Varnhem must have used. 

DNA has shown that the Stalcop family has its origin on Åland, the islands in the Baltic Sea between Svealand and Finland.



This is not an “official” web site. It is simply one person’s discoveries from years of turning over rocks to see what may be hiding under them.

I grew up being told that the Stalcop family was very small, perhaps only three or four hundred members. No one knew anything about the origin of the family except to guess that maybe it was German or Scandinavian. I began this quest to uncover the family roots and folklore because of a last request made to me by my father. It has been a fascinating and rewarding journey.

I selected this method to share a few of the many records, photos, comments and exciting stories, both serious and humorous, concerning the Stalcop Family I have had the pleasure of discovering under one rock or another. It has the potential to reach the most cousins. It begins at the beginning and will in the future slowly make its way mostly down one family line toward the present. Three sons, Andrew, John and Pietter, left sons who carried on the Stalcop name. The line we will mostly follow descends from Pietter.

The name Pietter is an old and a bit more formal Swedish version of the name Peter. His brothers that also left Stalcop descendants are Anders or Andrew and Johan or John. Andrew was, without doubt, named for his paternal grandfather. Just as clear is that John was named for his own father. Jonas is a form of Jöns meaning that Jonas was probably named for his maternal grandfather, the father of Carl Jönssön.  Charles was named for his maternal grandfather, Carl Jönssön. So far no candidates have been discovered who may be the namesakes of Pietter or for the daughters in the family.

Some recent events and happenings in the Family will be featured from time to time.

Your own stories and photographs are desired and requested.  Mail them or email them.  You can write your stories in the comments box for a BLOG story.  Lots of expandable capacity.  Be sure to use real names in identifying people in photographs.

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