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Johan Anderson från Strängnäs
Stålkofta (1646 -Swedish)
Staulcop (1656-Dutch)
Stalcop, Stallcop (1664- Eng)
Stallcup (1838-Am)
Stalcup (1890-Am)
Larry Spencer Stallcup

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Summary Page - Final Pay Due

Page 16 of Governor Risingh’s final accounting of the pay due to various New Sweden Colony personnel. The seventh line down on the list is for Constable (Gunnery) Sergeant Johan Andersson (Stålkofta) and shows he had the largest amount of pay due to him of those shown on this page. This accounting was only for the sixteen months he served in the Colony under Governor Risingh. For his fourteen years of service he received only 40 percent of his first years salary in cash. There is a separate accounting for his service under Governor Printz. And of course there are accounting pages for his debts owed to the Colony.


We have a supply of Stalcop Family tee shirts in blue with yellow lettering, front and back. It is a great way to show that you are proud of your family and our very long history in America.

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When I was growing up I heard my father tell many marvelous family tales. Most were humorous and involved some prank a family member pulled off. A few were about some great or heroic deed performed by one of us such as when Great Uncle Lyde jumped off a logging train locomotive, out ran it onto a bridge to grab a small child and jump into the river to save the child's life. Buried in each of the stories are bits and pieces of our family history.

I am not the storyteller my father was so I have found another method to save some of the tales. It not only preserves the tales for the future it allows the tradition to continue and grow with our own new tales  being added. These tales have been made available by writing them down and printed for everyone to read and enjoy. They are called SHORT & TALL TALES of the Stalcop Family. Two volumes are available and volume three is being filled.

These tales, and space for new tales, are available to all members of the family. Please add your favorite stories to the collection. Here is your chance to share them, and more importantly, preserve them for the future.

$15.00 per volume

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