Johan Anderson från Strängnäs
Stålkofta (1646 -Swedish)
Staulcop (1656-Dutch)
Stalcop, Stallcop (1664- Eng)
Stallcup (1838-Am)
Stalcup (1890-Am)
Larry Spencer Stallcup

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The Little Red Wagon

My father, Frank Stallcup, made a little red wagon for the child he and my mother, Maude, were expecting. His toy of choice was a silent signal that he was hoping for a boy. When I, a girl, arrived he confessed that he'd made the wagon hoping for a boy.  Daddy got half his wish, so I am told, within a week after I was born, Frank's youngest brother and my uncle, Harvey, took me for a ride around the house. The wheels squealed and squeaked on the wood floor so loud it drove the adults nuts. But the story goes that I must have heard the noise as a lullaby and went to sleep soundly as long as Harvey kept the little red wagon in motion. The moment he stopped I awoke instantly, cried and yelled until he either got it back into motion or took me out of the little red wagon. This was one of Harvey's favorite tales to tell about what a spoiled kid I was. It is the only toy that survived, at least partially, with me to adulthood.
My fondest memory of playing with it is of giving Tabby, my cat, a ride when I was about three or four years old. Tabby did not like the ride so I sat in the wagon and held Tabby in my arms until she went to sleep, then yelled for Harvey to pull us. I had wrapped a big blanket tightly around her so she just flopped about like a big lump in my arms. After much aggravation for Harvey, and much glee for me, Tabby and I enjoyed lots of rides.

Juanitta Stallcup Baldwin

Silver Baptismal Bowl,
Strängnäs, Sweden

This bowl was in use during
the period when Johan Andersson
 lived in Strängnäs.


Cobble streets near Church
in Strängnäs, Sweden

Johan Andersson probably walked or ran on
these streets. They date from before he was born. Two buildings date from before he as born.

Larry Stallcup at City Hall steps, Strängnäs, Sweden, where the trip to New Sweden started.

1641 copper Öre of the type advanced to Johan Anderson when hired on to work as a farm hand in New Sweden.

Page of Governor Printz’s
account books showing Johan Anderson von Strängnäs purchases
1646 to 1653.

Page of Governor Printz’s
account books showing Johan Anderson von Strängnäs pay (credits)
1646 to 1653.


Peter Lindeström’s drawing of Forts Trinity and Fort Cassimir at
now New Castle, DE.

Bell tower of Holy Trinity
(Old Swedes) Church.

1712 portrait of Pietter’ Stallcop’s
daughter Christina, wife of
Rev. Ericus Björk.

Swedish Stalcop Cup. 1720  Current
Owner is Hans Ling, Uppsula, Sweden.

American Stalcop Cup- 2004
Current Owner is Scott S. Stallcup, Westminister, MD.

Stalcop Log cabin preserved in Fort Christina Park, Wilmington, DE.

1703 Survey map of Red Clay
Creek are with land of Pietter Stallcop noted.

Bounty Warrant assigning TN land to William Stalcop

5th gen William Stalcop’s survey and deed for land in TN. Page 1.

5th gen William Stalcop’s survey and deed for land in TN. Page 2.

Tintype wedding photo of 9th generation Lucius Harvey Stallcup & Maude Almarine Hall
December 1866.

Coleman Hill Stallcup & 2nd wife Dora Etta Jenkins @1918.
Son of Lucius Harvey.

Lyceato (Lyde) Stallcup & wife
Mary Elizabeth Hollifield.
Son of Lucius Harvey.


Aner (Anna) Louise &
Neccessa Callie Stallcup.
Daughters of Lucius Harvey.

Necessa Callie Stallcup
McLean Byrum

Jesse W. Stallcup.
Son of Lucius Harvey.

Charlie Stallcup.
Son of Lucius Harvey.

Seth Lucius (Coot) Stallcup.
Son of Lucius Harvey.

Stacy Arizona (Bean) Stallcup
w/her Hollifield mother-in-law.
Daughter of Lucius Harvey.

William Coleman Stallcup.
Son of Charlie.

Frank Grayburn Stallcup.
Son of Charlie.

Fred Sideny Stallcup.
Son of Charlie.

Lucius Harvey Stallcup.
Son of Charlie.

The Matriarchs
Juanitta Stallcup Baldwin and Freida Stallcup Gilsdorf

Larry Spencer Stallcup.
Son of Lucius Harvey.
Portrait at age 67 by Roslyn Stallcup.

2003, Hans Ling & Larry S.
Stallcup meet in Fort
Christina Park.

Larry S. Stallcup portraying
Johan Anderson Stålkofta, 2007.

Distant cousins Ken Peterson
and Larry s. Stallcup, 2007.


Larry S. & Richard Day reenacting
the farewell between Johan
Anderson Stålkofta & Governor
Johan Printz in 1653.

Larry S. briefing the Ambassador
to the USA from Finland on the
model of Fort Christina in the New Sweden Centre Museum.

Arial view of the probable location of Fort Elfsborg, built 1643
abandoned in 1651.

Sketch of Fort Elfsborg probable appearance

Some of the Stalcops at the first Stalcop Gathering in 2005
Hughes Branch Road, Bryson City, NC.


Larry Spencer Stalcup & Roslyn Etheridge Stallcup in 2007.

Scott Spencer Stallcup in 1980.

Nicholas Spencer Stallcup in 2008.

Daniel Scott Stallcup in 2008.


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